Viking Jewellery

Are you searching for the best viking jewellery that Alciston can offer? If so, then look no further than Mike Shore Jewellery. We have a wide range of different pieces for you to choose from with unique styles and designs that you are sure to love. Check out our website right now to see some examples of the pieces that are available.

What Is Viking Jewellery?

The vikings are one of the most widely known historical figures in the world. From tales of conquering countries to their cultural beliefs, they still have a strong presence in pop culture today. As well as being fearsome warriors, the Vikings had an incredible culture and society, complete with their own unique dress wear and accessories. Viking jewellery was incredibly beautiful with stunning details and gorgeous designs that stand out from other alternatives. Viking jewellery wasn’t just worn by women. It was worn by every member of the community and could be made out of bone, iron or even bronze. The jewellery was often used to demonstrate power, wealth and class.

Today of course, Viking jewellery can be a way to demonstrate both style and sophistication. If you want to ensure that you stand out with your accessories, this style of jewellery is a fantastic choice. Viking jewellery often has twisted or spiralled designs. As such, they are quite similar to celtic jewellery pieces. They can have simple twists or more complex, intricate designs, depending on the creator.

Viking jewellery also often takes inspiration from animals. It’s quite common to see necklaces and rings with images of animals as a key part of the design. Mythological animals in particular often play a vital part in the design and inspiration for viking jewellery.

Why Buy Viking Jewellery From Our Store?

There are various shops, stores and designers that sell Viking style Jewellery. However, our store in Alciston is one of the best. To ensure that you get a high quality design that looks incredible, you need an expert creator with fantastic trade skills. That’s exactly what Mike Shore can offer. With years of experience creating jewellery he understands the complex requirements of designing perfect looking pieces that will stand the test of time.

All our jewellery pieces are created to the highest standard of quality and look magnificent. Mike has years of experience operating on the market and always wants to ensure that every client gets the exact piece of jewellery that they desire.

Mike can create countless different types of Viking jewellery including treasured pieces such as wedding rings and engagement rings. He also creates Viking jewellery for industry professionals that can be used in both film and TV productions. Mike has even created jewellery for royalty and rockstars under special request.

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