Viking Jewellery

Viking Jewellery Chiddingly
Wearing jewellery is a deeply human activity, and from the earliest days of human history, people have worn jewellery for many different reasons. Often jewellery was made from a precious or semi-precious materials and was used for religious purposes, adornment and as a mark of rank or status. Chiddingly residents who are looking for traditional, historically accurate jewellery will need professional, expert skill to get the right look and finish. Each era and culture through history has had different styles and fashions of jewellery, and often these have become iconic of the materials available at the time, the skills of the crafts people and the ideals of a particular tribe or group.
Viking jewellery is no different, and the era is well known for having unique jewellery styles that are rooted in the traditions and cultures of the area at the time. If you live in the Chiddingly area and are looking for high quality Viking jewellery, then this is the article for you. Read on for a look at the interesting world of Viking jewellery and where to go for the best quality Viking jewellery Chiddingly has to offer.
What is Special about Viking Jewellery?
Chiddingly jewellery lovers may wonder what it different or special about Viking jewellery. Original Viking jewellery is most often found in hordes and at burial sites, and Viking peoples often gave jewellery as sacrifices to the gods or as gifts and treasures for a deceased person to take with them to the afterlife. Viking people were often nomadic, in fact, the name Viking actually derives from the Old Norse word for raiders, and the Viking people had no standardised coinage or monetary system. Viking jewellery was often used as a proto-currency, and was often traded for favours, land, positions and goods. This made wearing Viking jewellery a status symbol and a demonstration of wealth and power. In Viking and other Northern European dark age cultures, arm rings were given by liege lords in return for service, and the more arm rings a Viking warrior had, the more prestigious he was seen to be.
Often the Viking jewellery Chiddingly residents will recognize was worn for as amulets to give magical protection, or out of devotion to a spirit or deity. Symbols like Thor’s hammer, Yggdrasil the tree of life, Ships, ravens and the Sun Wheel all regularly appear in Viking jewellery across the north of Europe and the Mediterranean and are often repeated in modern jewellery.
Modern Viking Jewellery Chiddingly
Viking jewellery is hugely popular today, whether for use in re-enactment groups, for fashion or by those following the increasingly popular interest in pagan religious traditions. For those looking for high quality original Viking jewellery, or recreations of traditional Viking jewellery, there is no better place to go than Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery. Known for producing the best Viking jewellery Chiddingly has to offer, Mike Shorer is known around the world for producing high quality, historically accurate jewellery to the highest standard. If you want the best Viking jewellery Chiddingly has to offer, get in touch with Mike Shorer today.