This platinum three stone diamond ring is a very good illustration of what to do with a worn-out ring that has been passed down through one’s family and is in an unfashionable setting. I can remove the stones, melt down the old metal (add to it if necessary) and create an entirely new piece. These three traditional-cut diamonds weighing 2.5 carats in total are now safely set for another generation and shown to their best advantage.

This 25 carat Tanzanite is set in a textured and highly polished platinum cross pendant. There are a myriad of pendant designs available for large, important stones. This shows the beautiful colours off best as light can enter, refract and reflect from every angle.

These are a pair of cufflinks from an unusual new range, ‘Exploded Silver’. I have come up with a way of making silver ‘explode’. This is, frankly, a bloody dangerous way of creating jewellery but I am prepared to take the risk. As I never know exactly what the result will look like, every single piece is different. I then turn them into cufflinks, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets and set gemstones into some of them.

This remarkable diamond ‘Line Necklace’ uses the client’s own uncut diamonds. Each platinum setting had to be hand made to fit the irregularly-shaped stones and each has a hinge hidden inside. This allows the necklace to flow around the neck and move gracefully with the wearer. There are 477 separate pieces of platinum which hold over 62 carats of coloured natural diamonds.

These Poker-inspired cufflinks are shown in Rhodium plated 18 carat white gold, pave set with brilliant cut diamonds. These and other cufflinks, pendants and bracelets are available in silver, yellow, white and rose gold, platinum and palladium, and set with any stones you wish.

This stunning cocktail ring has three emerald-cut diamonds of different sizes and colours, all in hand made platinum rub-over settings. One stone is blue-white, one yellow and one light cognac colour. Rings can be designed to accommodate any shape, type and colour of gemstone.

This beautiful platinum and diamond ring has a one carat octagonal centre stone flanked by six tapered princess cut diamonds. A modern classic!

Sometimes Poker tournaments have trophies for the winners. Other times they have bracelets. I designed and made this one for the Women’s World Open, sponsored by It has alternating yellow gold and silver links, a poker chip and card charms and a pink marquise sapphire. I hear that the lady winner never takes it off!

Bespoke Brilliant cut Diamond engagement ring
Bespoke Platinum and Brilliant cut Diamond Engagement ring

This sensuously-shaped handmade Platinum and one carat Brilliant cut Diamond engagement ring shows the gemstone to it's stunning best.