Ancient Jewellery

Ancient Jewellery

When it comes to buying jewellery for yourself or a loved one, you’ll no doubt have seen the plethora of choice available to you. The thing is, there will be times where you want to look for something less mainstream and more unique. If you have such a need right now, it’s a good thing you’ve come across the Mike Shorer Fine Jewellery website because there are plenty of examples of less mainstream pieces here!

Jewellery websites have all kinds of categories and niches to offer the most amount of choice to their customers. At Mike Shorer Jewellery, one of the niches that I create pieces for is Ancient Jewellery.

What is Ancient Jewellery?

In a nutshell, ancient jewellery refers to items made thousands of years ago by master craftsmen. They will have been made using tools rudimentary to today’s jewellery-making standards and crafted with a variety of precious metals and gemstones that we still use today.

You’re likely to have seen examples of ancient Celtic, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian jewellery in the past and would like similar items for yourself or a loved one. The thing is, you haven’t seen much available to purchase either on the High Street or online. When you have a need for such jewellery, one option that is open to you is to have items made for you based on ancient designs. And that is something I can do for you here at Mike Shorer Jewellery.

There’s no denying that ancient jewellery boasts timeless beauty, and is perfectly on-trend at any time, and for any occasion.

Why choose Mike Shorer Jewellery?

Getting jewellery custom-made for you isn’t a difficult task as there are plenty of designer-makers across the UK. So why should you consider Mike Shorer Jewellery for your ancient jewellery ideas and designs?

As a fully-trained and qualified designer-maker of jewellery, I have been making exquisite examples for numerous clients since 1990. My passion for jewellery started at a young age and was no doubt influenced by my forefathers, as jewellery-making is something I can trace back in my family for over two centuries. I made my first piece of jewellery at the tender age of 11 with the help of my parents - accomplished artists and metalworkers in their own right.

In my jewellery-making career, I have created pieces for high-profile brands like Harrod’s and Tiffany of New York, and well-known public figures including royalty and celebrities. Still, name-dropping is one thing, but what is the quality of my workmanship and design skills like? Take a look at the jewellery galleries on my website to see examples for yourself. I can create stunning ancient jewellery pieces from rings and wedding bands, bracelets and necklaces through to cufflinks, earrings, pendants and even trophies.

How to have ancient jewellery commissioned for you

I am based in East Sussex but have developed commissions for clients across the United Kingdom and beyond. If you’d like me to design and craft some stunning ancient jewellery items for you, whether as a one-off or for a production run, contact me today to discuss your requirements. You can reach Mike Shorer Jewellery by telephone on +44 (0) 1273 612959, or by email at