Egyptian Jewellery

Egyptian Jewellery Chiddingly
Since the earliest days of human civilization, people have worn jewellery for many different reasons, and in many ways, the reasons and the ways that we wear jewellery have not really changed in all that time. In fact, even the techniques, materials and styles of jewellery still bear a clear resemblance to the earliest forms of metal work. Jewellery was, and often still is, used for religious devotion, to show rank or importance, and to display wealth and power. This is why most jewellery was made from precious or semi-precious materials and were designed to last, and many well-made pieces of jewellery from ancient times have survived and are now treasured in museums and private collections.
Egyptian jewellery was no different, and a lot of what we know about ancient Egyptian culture, religion and history has come from studying archaeological finds like jewellery and wall decorations. Egyptian jewellery is still admired today for its style, craftsmanship and value, and ancient Egyptian jewellery often has a unique style that makes it instantly identifiable. Chiddingly or elsewhere, if you are looking for Egyptian jewellery, you may enjoy reading this brief article about Egyptian jewellery, as well as finding out where to go for the best recreations of ancient Egyptian jewellery Chiddingly has to offer.
Ancient Egyptian Jewellery
The best example of ancient Egyptian jewellery Chiddingly residents may know of are those found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, which are now held in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and represent the biggest collection of jewellery and gold in the world. To this day, the Egyptian jewellery in the collection is some of the most exquisitely designed and produced jewellery in the world.
Ancient Egyptian jewellery was deeply religious, and iconography of the Egyptian pantheon appears in all sorts of places, from day-to-day jewellery to pieces reserved for religious rites. Despite the long history of the ancient Egyptian world, the strong sense of identity in ancient Egyptian culture meant that designs and styles were not impacted by other cultures around, and the fashions of Egyptian jewellery changed little. As well as gold, Egyptian jewellery made great use of semi-precious stones, most often these were carnelian, turquoise and lapis lazuli, and often used bold repeating patterns or strict symmetry to produce the iconic style that is still recognizable for Egyptian jewellery.
Modern Ancient Egyptian Jewellery
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